The New tesa 4451 Easy Cover® for Spray painting

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Save time on the job

Easy application using a mini roller

Precision Standard

Razor sharp lines any way you use it

Reduce Waste

Narrow width perfect for airless sprayers
Applying 4451 with Mini Roller

The newest member to the tesa Easy Cover® family is the tesa Easy Cover® for Spray Painting, this paper masking tape is equipped with two adhesive edges, both with tesa Precision Standard® masking tape to make your preparation even quicker and easier, now you have two securely fixed sides of masking paper.

Developed with Caparol, the tesa Easy Cover® for Spray Painting is the perfect partner for painting with brushes, rollers and sprayers, it is also the best masking option when using the Wagner Nespri - Tec system.

The Wagner Nespri - Tec system reduces overspray considerably meaning you need less material for masking. At 200mm wide, the tesa Easy Cover® for Spray Painting is the perfect width and captures the overspray produced by the airless system. The reduction of masking material also helps to reduce the amount of waste created during preparation.

The easy way to apply tesa Easy Cover® 4451

tesa 4451 with Mini Roller

tesa 4451 with Mini Roller

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Insert Mini Roller into tesa 4451 core

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Use mini roller to aide application

tesa 4451 Easy Cover for Spray Painting

Its spray time!

The tesa Easy Cover® Range

tesa Easy Cover® is the ultimate 2-in-1 masking system for protecting areas from paint splatter or overspray during painting when decorating or restoration whether indoors or outdoors, when using paint, plaster or render: With the tesa Easy Cover® assortment, you can find the appropriate product for any use.