Plastering Tapes

Plastering Tapes

Even for the most challenging outdoor renovation and building surfaces, such as render or brickwork, our plastering tape range offers the perfect combination of high adhesive strength, weather and UV resistance and excellent protection properties.

Range of products

We have an extensive range of plastering tapes

Up to 12 weeks UV resistance

You can be confident that our plastering tapes will not bake to the surface

Robust tapes

Robust tapes for heavy duty materials
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Building-protection tapes and repair tapes are more robust than general outdoor masking tapes, instead of masking flat, smooth surfaces like window frames, they have to be able to stick and conform to rough surfaces like brickwork and render. Our  plastering tapes range,  which have PVC or recyclable PE backing, which are able to conform and bond well to irregular surfaces and offer up to 12 weeks UV resistance. All our plastering tapes can be torn by hand, making them easy to use.

The new tesa® Plastering Assortment Product Qualities

Cloth Backing

Appropriate for rough and sensitive surfaces and provides good protection of surfaces through high tape thickness

sPVC plain & embossed Backing

Resistant to high temperatures and moisture, tearable by hand with straight tear edge thanks to embossed backing

PE Backing

Eco friendly and resistant to extreme high and low temperatures, easy to tear and unwind, even at low temperatures

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