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Spray Painting uPVC Window Frames

Let us show you how to upgrade the look of your property by spraying the window frames.

Easy and Time Saving

Spray Paint Window Frames to Change the Look of your Property

Spray Paint Window Frames to Change the Look of your Property

Why be stuck with white uPVC or wooden coloured windows? 
Break from the mould and be the envy of all your neighbours by having your window frames professionally spray painted. With a huge range of colours you can transform the look of your property quickly.

With the help of our masking range for spray painting that is perfect for outdoor use, you can expect a clean paint finish that will have your neighbours 'popping' round for a cup of sugar and a chat about your new windows.

As always, preparation is key for any paint work.

The Spray Range Suitable for Outdoor Use

The Spray Range Suitable for Outdoor Use

By making sure the window frames and the surfaces you wish to spray are clean, dry and smooth you will achieve the optimum conditions for a perfect spray finish, this is also true for masking the areas around the frame that you don't want to have painted.

Making sure the surface is correctly prepared you will acheive the best results for applying the tape, with the tesa Precision Mask range and the perfect edges that you expect from this range, you dont want to have dirt ruining those perfect lines around the window frame causing an imperfect paint job or having to carry out any rework

Once the surfaces are prepared and ready for masking up, you have a choice of high performing tapes that will help you spray quicker and therefore turn the job around faster, providing your customer satisfaction

Masking Window Frames with tesa Precision Mask

Masking Window Frames with tesa Precision Mask

For the window frames themselves you can use either tesa 4334 Precision Mask, with up to 8 weeks Outdoor UV resistance, or for the longer jobs or jobs with a rougher surface, you can use the tesa 4440 Precision Mask Outdoor, with up to 6 months UV resistance and is weatherproof.

Both of these high performing tapes can achieve very strong, crisp lines which is necessary when working with unforgiving surfaces such as glass and uPVC, and are both removable without leaving unsightly residues.

Covering Glass and Surrounds

Easy to Handle - Masking Windows with tesa Easy Cover 2in1

Easy to Handle - Masking Windows with tesa Easy Cover 2in1

Protecting glass and the surrounding external brickwork or render from overspray is easy with our range of Easy Cover 2 in 1 masking solutions. Equiped with either recyclable HDPE film or recyclable paper, tesa Easy Cover helps to remove the need to double mask and remove the need to buy separate films and tapes.

Easy to handle and statically charged to cling to the surface, our Easy Cover with film comes in many sizes to help you cover the windows in one easy movement and are strong enough to prevent tearing during heavy spray work. 

The tesa Easy Cover paper range is super easy to use and can be used to cover window sills and soffitts or any areas surrounding your window. 

The tesa Easy Cover range comes equiped with either the market leading Precision Mask tapes or standard paper masking tape, giving you the option depending on the job you have.

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Mask the frames with Precision Mask

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Cover any large areas with tesa Easy Cover

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Protecting the surrounding area is now easier than ever

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Easy Cover Paper protects the glass from overspray

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All our tapes can be removed without leaving residues

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Perfect lines on glass


Soffits and window sills are easily protected


Job done!