tesa - Masking windows when spray painting a shed_(111)

PROJECT - Masking windows when spraying outdoors

Protect your windows from overspray whilst renovating an old shed

tesa - Masking windows when spray painting a shed_(109)
tesa - Masking windows when spray painting a shed_(109)

When looking to breath new life into an old or weathered shed, choosing the right colour and type of paint or wood preservative is probably one of your first thoughts, and how you apply that, whether you use a brush, roller or a spray machine would be second,

You should also spend time to make sure the areas you dont want to have paint on are correctly masked off and protected from overspray, this will save you time at the end of the job removing splashes of paint from windows or floors.

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing masking products for outdoor use - UV ( Ultra Violet) resistance is critical. If the product doesnt have UV resistance the sun will 'bake' the adhesive onto the surface to what it is stuck, most likely windows. You will then need to try to remove the residue with a scraper or some solvent which adds time to your job and could potentially leave the windows permanently damaged.

Another thing to consider is whether the tape is suitable for the rough textures and surfaces that you expect to find in an outdoor environment. Using a thin paper tape will not be strong enough and will tear, making paintbleed a likely outcome.

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tesa - Masking windows when spray painting a shed_(106)
tesa Easy Cover UV - 2 in 1 Masking tape and Film

The tesa 4440 Precision Mask Outdoor has been designed with the outdoors in mind, the acrylic adhesive is UV resistant for up to 26 weeks and it has a strong Washi backing which is weatherproof and suitable for the surfaces found in the outdoor environment including upvc windows. Use this around the perimeter of wooden, aluminium or upvc windows to ensure a sharp paint finish and to be confident that the tape will be removable with out leaving any unwanted residues when the job has been completed.

tesa 4369 Easy Cover UV is the perfect large area masking product to use when covering the full window in one easy and quick process. The 2-in-1 adhesive tape and film prevents overspray on large areas and the adhesive tape part will allow strong bonding to rough surfaces and clean removal for up to 2 weeks

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Masking Windows when Renovating a Shed

Renovating a shed