tesa 60077 Seal Flex + Construction Sealing Tape

tesa® 60077 Seal Flex + is the new flexible and powerful adhesive construction seaming tape ideally suited for airtight seals of vapour barrier foils and external sheathing board

Construction of new houses and buildings has to take in to account sustainability, improving the health and living environment of the inhabitants and reducing energy consumption. A well sealed building and correct insulation of the roof and sheathing boards with a well fitted vapour barrier and suitable vapour barrier or construction seaming tape will improve the energy efficiency of the property by preventing air and water intrusion, this will also prevent the growth of mould and improve the living environment


tesa 60077 Seal Flex + Vapour Barrier Seaming Tape

tesa 60077 Seal Flex + Vapour Barrier Seaming Tape

The new flexible PE construction seaming tape tesa® 60077 with its strong adhesive strength is ideally suited for airtight seals of overlapping vapour barrier foils and sheathing boards, indoors and out. The vapour barrier tape helps efficiently protect buildings from humidity that might enter through the roof or the joins of the sheathing boards

The tesa Seal Flex + construction seaming tape is also suitable for sealing wall penetrations, e.g. when laying pipes and cables. Its high age resistance allows the sealing adhesive tape to be used in challenging environments as well. Furthermore, the sealing tape has very low emissions (GEV-EMICODE certificate).

Key Benefits for Acrylic Construction Seaming Tape


Construction Seaming Tape

  • Long-lasting adhesive strength over the lifetime of a construction project
  • Adhesion resists high temperatures, humidity and UV resistant
  • High peel adhesion
  • Easy-to-cut and quick to apply, even around penetrations or tight corners
  • Tape maintains its form and stays flat against the vapour barrier
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

European Certification

Emicode EC1+

The German/European EC1+ Certificate indicates products especially low in emissions

DIN 4108

German standard for thermal insulation and energy economy in buildings

RI.SE (P-Mark)

Indoor and Outdoor approval of Swedish state-owned certifying authority


Quality certification by Norwegian independent research institute

Certificate Definition

Emicode EC1+
•EMICODE is a trademarked environmental product label focusing on low-emission installation materials and construction products
•Awarded by the GEV (Association of Emissions Controlled Laying Materials, Adhesives and Building Products eV), based on the value of the Total Volatile Organic Compounds
•The EMICODE is divided into 3 categories:
•EMICODE EC1+ (best; "very low emissions")
•EMICODE EC1   ("very low emissions“)
•EMICODE EC2   (worst; "low emissions“)
DIN 4108-11 Certificate
•DIN 4108-11 thermal insulation and energy saving in buildings is a DIN standard that describes requirements for thermal insulation for buildings, especially in Germany
•The standard makes specifications for winter and summer thermal protection
•The calculation process is a complex static process that excludes user behavior
•There are no subcategories or ranges
for this certificate
RI.SE (P-Mark) 
•RI.SE is a Swedish state-owned certifying
authority for various products and categories
•Old tesa Sealing Flex 60073 only had indoor certificate (50 years)
•New tesa 60077 will receive a certification for:
•Indoor usage according to RI.SE protocol CR031
•Outdoor usage (Wind barrier sealing
around windows) according to RI.SE
protocol CR128
•Has to be renewed after 5 years
•Yearly audit
•SINTEF is a Quality certification by Norwegian independent research institute
•A certification indicates that the product is in conformity with a national or international product standard and undergoes constant quality control
•Product certificates are issued based on test results, calculations and other specific verification
•There are no relevant subcategories or
ranges for this certificate
•Has to be renewed after 5 years



Overlapping Joints

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Pipe Penetrations

Tesa_Sealing-Tape_Illustrationen_db Kopie 4

Fixing Pipe Collar

Tesa_Sealing-Tape_Illustrationen_db Kopie 3

Cable Penetrations

Tesa_Sealing-Tape_Illustrationen_db Kopie

Attachment with wooden rafters

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Repairing tears

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Repairing tears - Patching System