tesa Professional Masking

Metal, Coatings, Wall Coverings, Paper and Textiles

What to keep in mind when applying adhesive tape to coatings, wall coverings, paper and textiles.


If you plan to mask coated surfaces, only tapes with low to moderate adhesion should be used. The length of time that the masking tape is left in place should be limited, because subsequent damage is possible (such as removal of coatings, discolouration, adhesive tape residue, etc.) 
The level of hold between the coating and the substrate must be greater than the hold between the adhesive tape and the coating. If in doubt, you should do a tape removal test or test adhesion.

Masking on Paper or Textiles

In the case of wall coverings such as wallpaper and textiles, adhesive tape with as low adhesion as possible should be used to avoid damage. We recommend the tesa® 4333 PV1 Precision Mask Sensitive.