tesa® Powerbond MIRROR

tesa® Powerbond MIRROR is a quick and convenient and reliable way to permanently mount mirrors and other flat objects in humid areas such as bathrooms

  • Ideal for mirrors
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Holds mirrors of max. 70 x 70 cm up to 4 mm thickness

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Main features

  • Ideal for mirrors
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Holds mirrors of max. 70 x 70 cm up to 4 mm thickness
  • Suitable for humid areas like bathrooms

Product description

tesa Powerbond® MIRROR is a double-sided self-adhesive tape that offers reliable, superior bonding power, even in humid environments such as bathrooms. It can hold mirrors of up to 70cm x70cm with a thickness of up to 4mm. tesa Powerbond® MIRROR is the clean and reliable alternative to using drills and hammers, screws and nails. This specially developed tape will securely attach your bathroom or wall mirrors without damaging any underlying tiles.
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tesa Powerbond® MIRROR is a double-sided tape designed to give permanent hold on solid indoor surfaces like tiles – even in humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Particularly suitable for mirrors.

How to apply – Step by step

1. Get the best possible bond by using silicone-free alcohol or window cleaner to make sure both your surface and object are free of dust and grease. The surface should be dry for application.
2. Apply the tesa Powerbond® MIRROR to rougher of the two surfaces. The tape should go on in vertical strips along the full length of the object. Strengthen the upper portion with shorter strips - that’s where the majority of the weight is born.
3. Apply pressure over all of the tesa Powerbond® MIRROR for at least five seconds.
4. Remove the protective foil from the double-sided adhesive tape, taking care not to touch the exposed adhesive surface. This could affect the adhesion.
5. Now position the object and press it down firmly for another five seconds.

A reliable hold on tiles

Giving the opportunity to mount your object exactly how you would like, without the need for tools and even in humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. It’s ideal for surfaces where drilling is difficult. All that's needed is a pair of scissors. This convenient adhesive tape is all you need to get your mirrors and items up to 70cm x70cm and a 4mm thickness up on the wall, reliably, for good.

How to remove

tesa Powerbond® MIRROR is made for a permanent hold, and isnt meant to be removed. However, if you have to remove it, use a cutting wire to cut the foam core and then tear off the rest. This can damage the surface and leave a residue.

. Not suitable for any non-stick materials.