tesa® Powerbond INDOOR

tesa® Powerbond INDOOR is a quick and easy way to mount items on indoor surfaces at home. A perfect alternative to the mess of drilling.

  • Ideal for interior use, Extra-strong hold
  • Holds up to 5 kg1 per 10 cm tape
  • Holds on tiles, plaster, wood and most plastics

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Dimensions: 1,50m x 19mm
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Main features

  • Ideal for interior use, Extra-strong hold
  • Holds up to 5 kg1 per 10 cm tape
  • Holds on tiles, plaster, wood and most plastics
1 For flat objects up to 10mm thick and on most smooth, sufficiently firm surfaces

Product description

tesa® Powerbond INDOOR securely fixes flat objects, with a thickness of up to 10mm, to firm surfaces. In good bonding conditions, a strip of 10cm of this heavy-duty fixing tape is enough to hold a weight of up to 5 kg. You can use it on any sufficiently firm, clean and dry, flat surfaces including tiles, wooden panels and most plastics.
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tesa Powerbond® INDOOR is designed to give a permanent hold on a variety of surfaces inside the home. A single 10cm strip can hold up to 5kg if the surface is clean, dry and sound.

How to apply – Step by step

1. Clean the surface of dirt and dust with a dust-free cloth, to ensure the best possible bond.
2. Attach the tesa Powerbond® INDOOR to the rougher surface first. In the case of wallpaper or plaster, this will be the wall. Stick on vertical strips that are the same length as the entire length of the object. Extra tesa Powerbond® INDOOR should be applied to the upper portion in shorter strips, because that’s where the majority of the weight is born. Press down firmly across on
the entire tesa Powerbond® INDOOR surface for at least five seconds.
3. Before positioning the item on the surface, remove the protective liner from the tape. Take care not to touch the exposed adhesive surface as this could affect the adhesion.
4. Ensure an optimal bond with the surface by pressing firmly on the item for another 5 seconds.

No fuss, no mess

A pair of scissors and this roll is all you need to get things like key cupboards and decorations attached on the wall, permanently. You can forget the hassle of using a hammer or a drill and you won't damage your walls, either. Plus, surface irregularities aren't a problem - tesa Powerbond® INDOOR compensates for them. Before using, make sure that your surface is strong enough to take the weight of the object you want to attach.

How to remove

Because tesa Powerbond® INDOOR is designed for permanent hold, it is not meant to be removed. Just in case that is something you have to do - use a cutting wire to cut the foam core, then try to tear off the remaining tape. This might damage the surface and/or leave remnants behind.

The tesa Powerbond® INDOOR is an indoor double-sided tape. Not suitable for any non-stick materials.