tesamoll® Premium Flexible

tesamoll® Premium Flexible is a highly effective and durable silicone draught excluder able to reliably seal large gaps found in older doors and windows.

  • Saves up to 40% of energy costs
  • Self-adhesive, long-lasting Silicone Profile
  • Durability: 15 years

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Dimensions: 6m x 9mm x 7mm
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Main features

  • Saves up to 40% of energy costs
  • Self-adhesive, long-lasting Silicone Profile
  • Durability: 15 years
  • Extremely weather- UV- and ozone-resistant
  • One size fits all gap sizes from 1 to 7mm
  • Wipe-clean
  • Easy to apply and to fit without screws or nails
  • Temperature-resistant from -50° to +60°C

Product description

Sealing doors and windows to keep cold air out is the key to a comfortably warm home without high energy costs. tesamoll® Premium Flexible is a long-lasting silicone sealing tape for durable and highly effective insulation. Due to its extremely flexible profile, it is a strong one size fits all draught excluder seal suitable for both small and extra large gaps. Use it as a highly durable draught excluder designed to effectively close gaps between 1 and 7 mm. Rely on its extremely weatherproof window gap sealing effect that is guaranteed to work for at least 15 years.
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When heavy winds hit the house and the temperature drops below zero, a properly fitting window is the key to a home that is comfortably warm and free from cold draughts. Such draughts are usually typical of older windows that do not seal properly anymore and produce a constant flow of cold air. tesamoll® Premium Flexible is the ultimate draught excluder seal to put an end to such a situation.

Long-lasting silicone sealing

tesamoll® Premium Flexible is a self-adhesive premium-quality window sealing profile made of highly flexible and weather resistant silicone. It is extremely resistant against adverse weather, UV rays and ozone and can cope with a wide temperature range between -50°C and +60°C. The outstanding qualities of this weatherproof seal by a guaranteed durability of at least 15 years.

Strong draught excluder seal for easy application

Attaching tesamoll® Premium Flexible to any window frame does not require tools, nails or screws. Neither do you need to have any special skills. You only need to clean the surface with alcohol or a silicone-free detergent, stick the draught excluder tape along the profile of the window frame and enjoy its long-lasting sealing effect.

One size fits all

tesamoll® Premium Flexible is an extremely flexible silicone window sealing tape that can reliably seal gaps between 1 mm and 7 mm. This makes it a perfect high durability draught excluder especially suited for older windows with both small and large gaps.

Saving energy, reducing heating costs

If no cold air can get into a room, the heating system will not have to work extra hard to compensate for this uncomfortable draught. This translates into lower energy consumption and results into a considerably lower heating bill. If all windows of a house are sealed with tesamoll® Premium Flexible, energy costs can be reduced by maximum up to 40%.