tesa® StopWater Tape

tesa StopWater Tape is an ultra-thin tape made from PTFE that is perfectly suited to reliably seal screw threads and quickly fix any leaky valve or faucet.

  • Non-adhesive, white PTFE-tape
  • Air & watertight seal
  • Deformable and impermeable to water up to 6 bar

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Dimensions: 12m x 12mm
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Main features

  • Non-adhesive, white PTFE-tape
  • Air & watertight seal
  • Deformable and impermeable to water up to 6 bar

Product description

tesa StopWater Tape is an ultra-thin, non-adhesive self sealing PTFE tape especially made to permanently fix leaky faucets and quickly take care of any annoying water leak. Simply wrap it around the thread of your shower head, the fresh water connection of your washing machine or dishwasher or any other screw-type pipe or hose connection. The highly deformable and impermeable tape is able to cope with a water pressure of up to 6 bar and therefore ideal for fixing pipes, hoses and tubes.

Plumbers know it and you will quickly learn to appreciate it. The tesa StopWater Tape is the quick and easy solution whenever you are bothered by water leaks. At first glance, it is only an ultra-thin and non-adhesive white PTFE tape. But when applied to any screw thread, it will permanently stop any annoying water leak.

How to fix a leaky faucet

Water leaks can usually be traced back to screw connections that do not seal properly and allow water to penetrate through their screw threads. Typical situations are leaky shower heads, or fresh water connections to washing machines or dishwashers. Such situations usually do not call for the replacement of hoses, faucets or valves. You only need to unscrew the connection, wind a strip of tesa StopWater Tape around the screw thread and tighten the screw again.

Leaky sewer pipes quickly repaired

Did you ever have to call a plumber to fix a dripping sewer pipe under your wash basin or kitchen sink? With tesa StopWater Tape you can save the money and quickly take care of the problem yourself. Simply unscrew the leaking connection, wrap some tape around the threaded area and close the connection again. It is really that simple and it will solve the problem permanently.

PTFE tape with specific characteristics

The tesa StopWater Tape is made from ultra-thin PTFE tape that is highly deformable and impermeable for water. Positioned between the threads of a screw connection it will reliably fill any gaps and form a reliable seal to prevent any water from getting through. This works with water pressures up to 6 bars and is therefore ideal for any leakage problem in the house.