tesa® extra Power Transparent

tesa® extra Power Transparent, is a waterproof and weatherproof duct tape for a wide range of surfaces including temporary repairing of glass

  • Excellent adhesion to many types of surfaces, rough or smooth
  • Strong, ageing-resistant adhesive
  • Weather and waterproof

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Dimensions: 10m x 50mm
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Main features

  • Excellent adhesion to many types of surfaces, rough or smooth
  • Strong, ageing-resistant adhesive
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Very good resistance to solvents
  • Ideal for repairs on transparent plastic material and temporary repairs on cracked glass

Product description

tesa® extra Power Transparent is an adhesive tape designed to offer extra resistance in indoor and outdoor applications. It not only guarantees superior adhesion on a wide range of smooth and even rough surfaces. It is also weatherproof and waterproof duct tape and therefore matches many outdoor situations. Plus it is able to withstand many solvents. Use it as a transparent waterproof tape for convertible car roof tops or a quick and reliable repair tape for repairing cracks in acrylic glass. Count on age-resistant adhesion for temporary and long-term use.
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tesa® extra Power Transparent is a transparent self-adhesive and decorative repair tape marked by a set of unique characteristics. It comes with specific qualities matching a wide variety of demanding indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor use, this transparent tape offers extra strong and reliable adhesion in combination with high resistance against water, adverse weather and even solvents.

Transparent duct tape for unobrusive repair

A fully transparent high-performance self-adhesive tape like tesa® extra Power Transparent is the ideal repair tape for any transparent surface, such as glass, transparent or translucent plastics. Use it as a tape to temporarily repair cracks in glass or acrylic glass or to repair any transparent household item such as a plastsic bowl or cup.

tesa repairing tape: Equipped for indoor and outdoor use

tesa® extra Power Transparent was designed to withstand a wide range of adverse and ambient conditions. It is waterproof and can therefore be used in immediate contact to water. It is also weatherproof for unlimited performance in any outdoor application. Plus it offers very good resistance to solvents and is therefore perfect in combination with almost all plastic surfaces. .

Extra high adhesion to last

The range of applications tesa® extra Power Transparent is suited for is not limited to smooth surfaces. This decorative repair tape also offers superior adhesion on structured or even rough surfaces. Due to an especially formulated self-adhesive coating, it is also age resistant and offers extra strong bonding power for extende periods of time.