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Packaging tape to securely seal packages and cardboard boxes

In homes or offices, crafts enterprises or industrial companies: We have the right packaging adhesive tape for nearly any application.

Internet trade is flourishing. And with it the number of packages sent around the globe every day. To ensure that your packages will reach their recipient, we have developed powerfull adhesive and sturdy packing adhesive tapes for you.

There are frequently situations when a strong packing tape is needed. Be it wrongly delivered goods that have to be returned or card board boxes that have to be stored long-term – our adhesive tapes are the perfect solution for these and similar tasks.

In the industrial sector, there are many areas of application for high quality packing tapes. With our innovative and sturdy adhesive tapes, we meet the high standards required by industrial companies.

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Packaging tape – reliable sealing and simple handling

tesa Packaging Tape Ensures Simple Handling

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That’s no problem at all thanks to the ease of use of our packing tapes. And it’s even faster when you’re using a suitable packing tape dispenser. Just fit the adhesive tape on the intended roll, and you can easily, accurately and securely seal your packages. The dispensers are of course compatible with all tesa packing tapes from our range and are particularly worth the investment when you’re regularly sending out packages.

To ensure that your packages last throughout the entire distribution network and reach the recipient without any damages, our package tapes have a high adhesive strength. As a carrier for our packaging adhesive tapes, we use PP (polypropylene) or PVC (polyvinylchloride). For our particularly strong packing tape, we’re using a polyester film fitted with glass filaments. With this special adhesive tape, you can seal very heavy packages and cardboard boxes and send them on their way.

Securely Sealing Packages

tesa Professional Packaging Category/Mood

tesa Professional Packaging Tape Ensures High Quality

Packaging tape is of course indispensable in a professional company. While many craftsmen still use the traditional method of having equipment and resources delivered, the traffic of packages has increased steadily over the last few years. Sometimes returns may result from these orders; craftsmen require an adhesive tape to seal packages without losing much time and money. This challenge is one that our packaging tapes solve effortlessly – especially in combination with the right hand dispenser. These are easy to use when it comes to sealing materials in cardboard boxes and storing them.

Our packing adhesive tapes are characterised by their powerful adhesive performance and ease of use. They are available in several versions from PP to PVC and from the traditional brown to a transparent product variants.

Packaging Tapes for Machine Processing


Secure packaging is the primary requirement to ensure that a product reaches its destination intact.

While it may not matter much for private consumers or retailers whether the packing tape consists of PVC (polyvinylchloride), PP (polypropylene) or another base material (e.g. paper), professional shippers and packing companies have to pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. To equip packing machines with the right adhesive tape or the right adhesive carrier. It pays to plan in advance, how large and heavy the cardboard boxes are and whether they will be exposed to extreme temperatures.

With our range of packaging tapes, we meet the requirements of industrial companies and ensure that cardboard boxes are sealed securely and reliably for transport. Due to the excellent adhesive properties and the high strength, our packing tapes can also be used to secure pallets or to bundle objects.

The Composition of Our Packaging Tapes


Our packaging tapes consist of four layers.

1) Release layer on backing
The unwinding properties are dependent on this layer.

2) Backing
Provides tear & elongation characteristics:

  • Polypropylene (BOPP)
  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Paper​

3) Primer

Responsible for anchorage of adhesive to backing material.

4) Adhesive
Its shear and adhesion properties are essential for carton closure performance.

  • Synthetic rubber (hot-melt)
  • Natural rubber
  • Water-based acrylic

Our Assortments Cover the Following Applications

The sealing machine for the comfotable sealing of cartons.

The sealing machine for the comfotable sealing of cartons.

Carton sealing tapes
Our carton sealing adhesive tapes are used for securing shipments as well as reinforcing carton closures. Depending on individual designs, our carton sealing tapes come with a PP, PVC, or paper backing and are suitable for both manual and mechanical processing.

Our dispenser for the easy handling of sealing cartons.

Our dispenser for the easy handling of sealing cartons.

Tape dispenser
In order to make the packaging process fast, efficient, and secure, we supply special  tape dispensers  for manual handling. These dispensers are customised solutions for our adhesive tapes and were developed in close collaboration with users to ensure perfect ergonomics in the working environment. 


Single-sided sealing tapes for boxes, cans, and bags.

Inner packaging
For packaging of food, single items, and small industrial parts, our inner packaging tapes seal securely, easily, and hygienically. Consequently, our inner packaging tapes are used in a wide variety of usages such as sealing small boxes (cardboard or plastic), cans, and bags. tesa Lift and Reseal provides effective reclosure of packets to keep the contents fresh throughout the life of the product.