Our mirror adhesive tapes offer reliable hold even in damp humid environments

Our mirror adhesive tapes offer reliable hold even in damp humid environments

When fixing mirrors to the wall, there is no need for screws or nails, thanks to our double sided mirror adhesive tapes, which can be used on smooth surfaces such as tiles in your bathroom. But mirror tapes can do more. They help to fit-out buildings, elevators and furniture and also support the assembly of car mirrors by offering significant process advantages compared with traditional liquid-glue solutions and clipping.

When fixing mirrors to the wall at home, there is no need for screws or nails,  thanks to our double sided mirror adhesive tapes, which can be used on smooth surfaces such as tiles in your bathroom.

Professional craftsmen require professional materials. With our high-performance double sided mirror adhesive tapes, you can mount wall mirrors of all kinds cleanly and efficiently.

We’ve been producing high performance double-sided adhesive tapes for the secure mounting of mirrors in the construction industry as well as for car, train, boat and plane manufacturers, for more than 20 years.

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Double sided mirror adhesive tape for office and home

tesa SE
Remove protective films.

The secure mounting of wall mirrors can be handled easily with our high-performance double sided mirror adhesive tapes without requiring tools. Instead of drilling, putting in rawl plugs and screws, all you need is our double-sided adhesive tape, saving you time cleaning up. Our double sided adhesive tapes for office and home are suited for wall mirrors and other flat objects up to a thickness of 4mm. With a mirror adhesive tape, you not only save time mounting but also protect your walls. After all, if you don’t drill, there won’t be any drill holes.

In our wide product range, you will also find adhesive tapes that can be used in moist surroundings. This means that you can simply mount mirrors to a bathroom or kitchen wall – rather than using screws. Using our mirror adhesive tape is easy. As long as the surface is free from dust, dirt and grease you should maintain a strong reliable bond.

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Mirror Adhesive Tape for Professional Craftsmen

tesa professional mirror mounting tape for craftsmen

For your clients to be satisfied, you as a professional craftsman have to achieve flawless results. Should you have to mount a mirror as part of a job, e.g. when fully renovating a bathroom, we have the right adhesive products for you. Our high performance double-sided mirror adhesive tapes ensure an long lasting and reliable hold – also in rooms with a high moisture content.

Since you will not have to use tools for the mounting, you can save valuable time and money. Our double sided mirror adhesive tapes are temperature-resistant up to 80 °C With our adhesive  tapes, we provide the highest of quality that also extends to an excellent support. As a long-standing partner of the crafts, we are committed to help you achieve perfect work results

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Securely Mounting Mirrors and Signage in Industrial Environments

Mirror Mounting in Planes, Trains or in Hotel Bathrooms

Affixing wall mirrors and signage of any size today is easier and more manageable than ever. Our double-sided adhesive tapes have been used by the industry for more than 20 years and offer a long term an reliable way to mount flat objects. Thanks to our products‘ impressive adhesive performance, tools are no longer needed, thus saving a lot of time during production.

Our double sided mirror adhesive tapes are used in many sectors. They provide a secure hold in ships, trains, planes or cars. Also, when equipping elevators or as part of the hotel interior, bathrooms, and furniture  innovative adhesive products have an important role to play. Compared to other mounting solutions like screws and rivets, a double sided mirror tape is significantly lighter – an enormous advantage in particular for the construction of vehicles of any type.

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Construction of Our Mirror Tapes

Mirror mounting has never been faster and easier than with double-sided adhesive tape. Our special double-sided tapes for mirror mounting usually consist of film or foam backings. The type of backing depends on the task and the surface. Film tapes are perfect for bonding to flat and smooth surfaced. Foam tapes are specialists for rougher surfaces and are the perfect choice when it comes to bonding different substrates, absorbing shock, and sealing gaps.

Our tapes mostly make use of a tackified acrylic adhesive. This is a versatile adhesive with a well balanced performance on a wide variety of surfaces for permanent applications. It offers:

  • Very good adhesive strength on polar surfaces, good on non-polar surfaces
  • High initial adhesion power
  • Resistance against environmental conditions (e.g. UV, humidity) and aging
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