tesa Professional Application tesaflex IMQ/SEMKO, 20m:19mm, red

Insulation tape for home, craftsmen and industrial companies

With an insulation tape, you can quickly and effectively repair damages in cable coating. Our high quality adhesive tapes are also suitable for marking cables

At home or at the office, there are many meters, even miles of electric cabling. Every now and then, damage may occur in a cable coating, which can be easily fixed with our insulation tapes.

Electricians and other craftsmen use our solutions primarily to insulate low to high voltage cables as well as colour-coding them. Our insulating adhesive tapes of course meet international security standards such as IEC and IMQ

Our insulation tapes are used for industrial repairs, e.g. in car manufacture. The high quality adhesive tapes offer excellent flexibility and smoothly adapt to irregular surfaces.

Repairing Instead of Purchasing Something New

Professional electrical insulation tapes – resistant to ageing, weather, abrasion and fire.

Professional electrical insulation tapes – resistant to ageing, weather, abrasion and fire.

While there are some electric devices that work wirelessly, the vast majority of them have to rely on an electric cable. Thus, every home and every office has many meters of cable running through them, often bunching up into ugly tangled messes. With every meter of electric cable, the probability of damage rises. If the cable coating is damaged, you can fix it quickly and simply with an insulation tape

If there are small children in your home, we recommend that you always keep a role of insulation tape at hand. Brittle electric cables can become a real danger for curious children. Even when you have taught your children about the dangers of live wires and power sockets, you should always stay careful.

Please note that you should NOT use our insulation tapes if the live wire is exposed. In that case, you should better use a shrink sleeve or call an electrician.

Insulation Tape – At Home on Construction Sites


Fix Cables or Others With Our Insulating Products

Our insulation tapes are often used on construction sites, for the repair of minor damages of electric cables. As the adhesive tapes are available in various colours, e.g. black, white, red or yellow, they are also ideally suitable to mark cables for identification purposes. This task is very important in light of the many different electric cables that are present in a building. The insulation tape can be used very easily and also find usage beyond their intended range, e.g. for bundling.

The essential characteristics of insulation tape include a high flexibility and a reliable resistance against aging, weathering, abrasion, temperature and fire. As base material, we are using soft PVC fitted with an adhesive made from natural rubber or acrylate.

Special Adhesive Tapes for the Industry

Industrial companies have to rely on a high degree of electric power through many cables that are spread around the building. Should cables break, this might lead to a loss of revenue. With our insulation tapes, you can master such critical situations and then decide calmly whether to replace the defective cable or even the respective machine part.

The sectors using our adhesive tapes encompass the automotive industry, construction industry, health care industry, logistics industry and of course the electrical industry.

You can rely on our insulation tapes because of their high adhesive performance, a high flexibility as well as a sturdy construction, allowing them to master demanding challenges..