tesa® Signal Universal

tesa® Signal universal is a multi-purpose marking tape to permanently mark obstacles and hazardous areas. It is available in two colour codes.

  • Strong PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive with high UV-resistance
  • For marking permanent obstacles and hazard areas

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Dimensions: 66m x 50mm
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Main features

  • Strong PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive with high UV-resistance
  • For marking permanent obstacles and hazard areas
  • Even, low-noise unwinding
  • Colour code according to EU regulation for marking
  • Suitable for use in all tesa® hand dispensers

Product description

tesa® Signal universal is a multi-purpose adhesive marking tape designed to create visual safety barriers and mark permanent obstacles or hazardous areas. The tape features a strong PP backing in combination with a solvent-free self-adhesive coating. Designed for permanent applications it also offers durable UV resistance. Conforming to EU regulations it is available either as a red and white or a black and yellow signal tape.
Related products

Hazardous areas or permanent obstacles need to be clearly marked in order to prevent personal injuries and avoid liability issues. tesa® Signal universal serves as a general-purpose marking tape for typical applications in workshops, shipping centers or manufacturing sites.

Marking tape conforming to EU regulations

EU safety regulations call for hazard warnings that conform to specific standards. tesa® Signal universal is an adhesive warning tape that is available in a black and yellow and a red and white version and can be used to effectively warn of safety hazards in accordance with EU regulations.

tesa® Signal tape for permanent hazard areas

tesa® Signal universal offers all the characteristics required of a marking tape designed to permanently mark hazardous objects, areas or obstacles. The tape not only features a strong Polypropylene backing, it also is equipped with a solvent-free self-adhesive coating that ensures good adhesion on a wide range of surfaces. Such qualities make it the ideal marking tape for all commercial surroundings calling for safe work conditions.

Safety tape equipped for easy application

tesa® Signal universal safety tape is designed for an even and low-noise unwinding. To match even professional needs, the tape matches any tesa® hand dispenser for precise application on any surface that is sufficiently smooth and free from dust, oil and grease. For best adhesion, simply use alcohol or any silicone-free detergent to prepare the surface.