tesa® Signal Non adhesive

tesa Signal tape non-adhesive is a Polypropylene tape that is an ideal marking tape for marking off hazardous areas and obstacles.

  • PE film
  • For marking temporary obstacles and hazard areas
  • Printed on both sides

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Dimensions: 100 m x 80 mm
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Main features

  • PE film
  • For marking temporary obstacles and hazard areas
  • Printed on both sides
  • Rub-resistant ink
  • UV-resistant (3 months)
  • Non-adhesive

Product description

Whether you are in the process of repairing your driveway or simply want to warn passers by from any other temporary trip hazard, The tesa non-adhesive signal tape is the perfect choice. The red and white non-adhesive marking and warning tape can be used to mark any danger spots or prevent access to temporarily hazardous areas. It is made of a 80 mm wide Polypropylene film printed on both sides with a rub-resistant ink. It is also UV-resistant up to 3 months.
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You know tesa® Signal non-adhesive. You have seen it as a crime scene tape used by the police to restrict access to a specific area. But this versatile non-adhesive tape also comes in handy to mark areas around your home to warn passers by from possible hazards.

Red and white signal tape for outdoor use

tesa® Signal non-adhesive is a 80 mm wide tape that stands out for its white and red stripes. It is designed to attract your attention and can be used to block areas in order to prevent personal injuries. The tape is made from Polypropylene film with both-sided rub-resistant printing. It also guarantees UV-resistance for a period of upto 3 months which makes it the ideal tape for any temporary outdoor application.

Non-adhesive safety barrier tape

Maybe you want to improve your garden and have dug a hole into the lawn, to plant some new shrubs that you are about to pick up at the garden center. Or the storm last night has resulted in some loose branches on the tree in front of your house that need to be cut off as soon as possible. tesa® Signal non-adhesive is the ideal tape to clearly mark such temporarily hazardous areas.

Universal marking tape

The safety of your property is of utmost importance. Not only because you want to prevent anyone from injuring himself, but also because you would be liable in such a situation. tesa® Signal non-adhesive is a warning tape that is ideal to mark any temporary danger spot. This could be some loose cobble stones in your driveway, an icy passage way during winter time or any temporary construction site.

Multi purpose warning tape

tesa® Signal non-adhesive is also a highly visual marking tape that is ideal for land marking or separating an area into individual sections. It also serves perfectly as an ideal out-of-order tape to prevent access to installations that temporarily do not work. Plus it is a universal signal tape that nobody will overlook.