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tesa Softprint® FE FLEX Design 380micron

We introduce to you the new tesa Softprint® FE Flex Design - The reliable and secure plate mounting tape for demanding cylinder and sleeve surfaces

18 Sep 2018

tesa Softprint® FLEX
tesa Softprint® FLEX

New for Narrow Web and Label Producers

As a pioneering manufacturer with decades of experience, our flexographic tapes perform an important role in helping to meet industry objectives to incorporate lean manufacturing methods along with improved performance.

Increasing demands on print quality combined with shorter print runs, higher press speeds and enhanced levels of process efficiency call for specifically tailored plate mounting tapes.

Old, dirty and damaged sleeves can lead to plate edge lift, air bubbles and a low print quality, causing wastage and increased production times due to rework, with tesa Softprint® FE FLEX Design with its optimised adhesive, we eliminate these issues.

The optimised acrylic adhesive which is low tack on the plate side and strong and secure on the cylinder and sleeve side, means tesa Softprint® FE FLEX Design offers resistance to plate edge lift and elimenates foam splitting. 

Selecting the correct foam hardness from our assortment will produce exceptional print quality by increasing your printing speed and overcoming print defects like banding, increased dot gain, and “pin holing”. tesa Softprint® FE Flex Design further optimises your production run with fast and easy plate mounting and demounting.