tesa® 51948 Black X Easysplice

Changing the Game for High-slip Film Splicing

23 Jun 2021

tesa® 51948 EasySplice FilmLine Black X

The Need for Speed – and Precision


A Trouble-free Solution from tesa
Now you can simplify splicing high-speed flexible packaging films – without sacrificing speed or efficiency. tesa® 51948 EasySplice FilmLine Black X is a new, very high-contact adhesive that provides excellent wetting properties on high-slip films. tesa® Black X combines speed and precision to change the game for high-slip films.


Collaborating with customers, we developed a flying splice tape with an integrated splicing strip. tesa® Black X was designed specifically for low-surface energy substrates like polyethylene films with a high amount of slip.

Speed Comparison tesa® 51948 Black X
Speed Comparison tesa® 51948 Black X

Tests have shown that, by using tesa® Black X, you can run your flexographic or rotogravure press twice as fast as with alternative materials.


How Much Can You Save?

tesa® Black X has been tested around the world, and with seven different flexible packaging customers in the U.S. The global success rate was 100 percent. Even at 99 percent, though, the ability to successfully splice at speed can save you more than $2 per splice – from higher splice performance and reduced failures. At a standard web width, and assuming 15,000 splices, that’s more than $30,000 in total savings per year.

Watch the video to experience the benefits of tesa® 51948

Product Backing Color Tack Thickness w/o liner [μm/mil] Adhesion Sheer Resistance Tensile Strength [N/cm]
tesa 51948 PET Black ●●●● 115 / 4.6 ●● 70

tesa® 51948 EasySplice FilmLine Black X Makes the Difference

  • Runs at high speeds (up to 3,000 ft/minute) with no slowing, no adjustments and no interruptions
  • Adheres quickly during the splice and with a very small amount of pressure
  • Eliminates the hassle and mess of glues and additional tapes
  • Eliminates web breaks
  • Reduces waste
  • Performs well on recycled films and non-woven materials

The Bottom Line

tesa® Black X will increase your productivity and efficiency on press. Slowing down while splicing high-slip materials will be a thing of the past. Whether in your printing or converting line, or your lamination processes, you’ll see the benefits of not having to deal with glues, or additional tapes for high-slip films.