tesafilm® premiers new look

We have given a fresh new look to our core tesafilm® stationery range

Building on History and Prestige

First introduced in the 1930s, tesafilm® transparent adhesive tape laid the foundation for a successful company history that continues to this date.

Consisting of over 140 items, the new packaging including a clear and homogeneous design and a colour scheme that distinguishes the different qualities.  The modern design, with its prominent tesa branding and enlarged tesafilm® logo, lifts and reflects the high quality and clearness of the film and provides easy navigation for the end user, with the use of simple icons that show only the most important product features.

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New packaging, new products

tesafilm Neon 10m x 19mm, pink + Mini Dispenser white
The tesafilm® Neon Pink Highlight tape can be written on and can be removed from most solid and sound surfaces - ideal for temporarily marking points of interest on documents.

In addition to the new packaging, there are some new items in our tesafilm® range. 

tesafilm® Neon tape makes its debut - perfect for labelling, marking and tabbing, it can be removed without a trace from many firm and even surfaces, is hand tearable and comes in two colours in a handy dispenser with silent unwinding.

The tesafilm® dispenser range is expanded to include bundles, providing a cost-effective solution for office or home use. The Orca dispenser, with its anti-slip protective on the bottom, comes with 8 rolls of tesafilm® transparent. This compact and highly functional interpretation is designed to be used with one hand in the home and around the office

The Eco Smart dispenser comes in a space-saving size and includes 2 rolls of tape. Part of the extensive ecoLogo® range, this lightweight dispenser also incorporates the innovative stop-pad technology and sticks to the desk but is easy to remove and reposition without residue.

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From high-end tape dispensers to an assortment of glue rollers, glue sticks and an innovative glue stamp, our product range has a clever solution for every application. The introduction of these new stationery items reflects our focus on innovation and commitment to delivering eye catching, convenient and reliable solutions for gluing, fixing, and mounting applications.


tesa Easy Cut® ORCA Desk Dispenser

Great products for you and the environment

Eco-friendly adhesives – quality, innovation and sustainability!
Eco-friendly adhesives – quality, innovation and sustainability!

The ecoLogo® range meets three key criteria - quality, innovation and sustainability. Made from recycled materials and bio-based resources, no solvents or bleaching agents are used in the adhesives or packaging.

One of the best sellers in our ecoLogo®  range is the tesafilm® Mini Dispenser ecoLogo® -  a hand dispenser for any 19mm tesafilm® on 10m rolls. Made from 100% recycled plastic with an ergonomic design, it’s ideal for wrapping, handy and extremely versatile.

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tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo, 25g
Easy Cut Smart black + 1x tesafilm Transparent 10m x 15mm
tesa Roller Glue Permanent Refillable ecoLogo
8 x tesafilm Transparent 33m x 19mm, Office Box
1x tesafilm neon pink 10m x 19mm Flowpack + 1x tesafilm neon yellow
2 x tesafilm Crystal 10m x 19mm, Blister
8 x tesafilm Transparent 33m x 19mm + Orca dispenser
tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo

tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo, 25g

Innovation from the Base Up - The New Easy Cut® SMART Desk Dispenser with Stop-Pad Base

tesa Roller Glue Permanent Refillable ecoLogo

Bold New Design - tesafilm® Transparent 8 Roll Office Box

Never Miss that Important Statement - tesafilm® Neon Pink and Yellow Highlight Tape

Seeing is Believing - tesafilm® Crystal is Invisible on Most Surfaces

tesafilm® Bundles - New Cost Effective Solution For Office or Home

tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo