tesa® ACXplus Offers Productivity Improvements

tesa® ACXplus Offers Productivity Improvements

tesa has taken the chemistry involved in adhesive tape technology forward a generation with tesa® ACXplus, a radically different double-sided tape range which is particularly well suited to enclosure and cabinet applications.

For one particular customer in the metal fabrication sector, replacing conventional techniques with tesa® ACXplus has helped them to realise significant productivity gains.

tesa® ACXplus 7065 - High Adhesion Double Sided Acrylic Core FoamTape

Application and Current Method​

The customer was spot welding stiffeners onto panels which made up a machine guard enclosure. 

Customer Issue

Spot welding generated heat spots, which needed to be cleaned and prepared before the panels could be powder-coated. Blemishes from the welded spots also resulted in further re-work being undertaken after powder-coating – contributing to a time-intensive process and additional, unwanted costs.

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tesa Assessment and Proposal

tesa® ACXplus Acrylic Core tapes offer a high resistance to temperatures and different weather conditions. The main reason is the oxidation resistance of the fully saturated carbon chain which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa® ACXplus

The tesacohesion team introduced the customer to the  tesa® ACXplus range and proposed tesa® ACXplus 7065 as the best tape for optimising the bonding process after completion of the powder-coating process.
tesa® ACXplus is based on high capacity acrylates which facilitate long term, constructive bonding on both indoor and outdoor applications.
By comparison to traditional bonding methods, this offers many advantages including clear full-surface bonding, extreme load capacity, stress dissipation, corrosion prevention and resistance to weather and temperature.

Specially balanced elastic and viscous properties within the tape dissipate extreme physical stress in compensating for different rates of thermal expansion and contraction of different substrates.
Where enclosures or cabinets are fitted with dissimilar substrates and used in harsh environments, tesa® ACXplus delivers a high strength bond, even where extreme temperatures or uneven surfaces are encountered.

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tesa® ACXplus 7065 streamlined the entire bonding process, creating productivity improvements and cost savings by eradicating the pre and post-preparatory steps associated with spot welding.
Easy to apply and providing an immediate bond, the tape also speeded up assembly processes on large production runs and enabled components to be moved easily and safely during the different construction stages.


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