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Why industries could benefit from the tesa bathroom range

13 Mar 2019

The bathroom accessories range from tesa couldn’t be easier to mount. With not a drill, nail or hammer in sight, anyone and everyone can do it – with no previous DIY experience required.


Our Bathroom Accessory range is ideal for small-to medium-sized businesses which don’t always have a handyman or contractor to tackle the DIY.

These businesses need ease, convenience, cost-effectiveness, speed and products they can trust – and our easy to mount accessories do just that! Using our bathroom accessories, business owners and their staff can transform or refresh a space within minutes. Plus, they can order them on Amazon Prime and have the products arrive the very next day!

Whether they want to make general improvements or want to quickly respond to customer feedback suggestions, tesa enables small business owners to do the work themselves without even getting the toolbox out.

What’s more, these products can be removed – and mounted elsewhere – easily, leaving zero damage on behind on surfaces. It’s a win-win!

1 Hair salons and barbers

We didn’t create the collection for them, but it’s almost like we did! Hairdressing salons and barbers can put our hair dryer holders to great use by attaching it to the mirror to save on space. The sleek high-shine, chrome, spiral design looks super stylish in a space where image is everything.

But that’s not all, because many salons can also mount our glass bathroom shelves on the mirrors, it offers a handy perch for the customer’s drink and hair products. As a finishing touch, tesa bathroom hooks mounted on the doors and glass panels provide customers with the ideal place to put their coats. It’s a match made in hairdressing heaven!

2 Boutique hotels and B&Bs

Boutique hotels and B&Bs can benefit by choosing tesa products for their bathrooms. From the spiral-design Ekkro hair dryer holder and shower storage baskets, to glass shelves and soap trays in their clients’ rooms, these small businesses can give their customers premium-looking spaces, luxurious comfort and the ultimate care, in that they really have thought of everything. And by using tesa’s refillable soap dispensers in the public bathrooms, they can also reduce their business’s plastic waste.

3 Show home designers

Our bathroom range is a show home designer’s dream. Our no-drill products can be mounted easily, then removed without causing damage to surfaces, making them ideal for show homes as homebuyers can move the items wherever they like once they move in. From shelves and towel holders, to dressing gown hooks and toiletries storage solutions, show homes can use these sleek-looking products up and down the country.

4 Independent gyms and leisure centres

Gyms and fitness centres around the UK could benefit from the whole range of bathroom accessories. Our waterproof hooks, towel bars and storage baskets, conveniently mount to tiles in gym showers allowing members to have their toiletries and towel in easy to reach places. Luxury independent gyms could also mount our stylish Ekkro hair dryer holders onto their mirrors to neatly hold hairdryers ready for members to use.

5 Spas

With silent mounting, independent spas can become reliant on tesa’s waterproof bathroom accessories which can be installed at any time of day without causing disruption to their serene, relaxing environment. From dressing gown hooks, towel hooks, and shower storage baskets, to soap dispensers, glass shelves and hair dryer holders, our products are the perfect solution for these calming and humid spaces.

The reliability and strength of our cutting-edge, patented, self-adhesive technology is like no other; in fact, it comes from the automotive and aviation industry, where there is no room for unreliable technology. So small businesses can be sure they’re getting the best product out there while achieving the desired results quickly, with minimal stress and disruption, and without the need to pay a handyman.

The range of accessories can be used on surfaces including: tiles, metal, natural stone, marble, concrete, wood, glass and many types of plastic. Once removed the products can be remounted elsewhere, in just a few quick and easy steps, using a replacement tesa® Power.Kit Adaptor.