4 tesa hacks to transform your family bathroom into an organised oasis

23 Jul 2019

There’s nothing more relaxing after a busy day than retreating to the bathroom for a candlelit soak in the bath. But, if your bathroom boasts more mess than no-stress, trying to relax isn’t easy when you’re surrounded by unorganised lotions and potions, screwed up towels and bath toys. 

Try out our four top tesa hacks using the no-drill, adhesive bathroom accessories range that have residue-free removal on a variety of surfaces. No more days wasted on so called ‘easy’ DIY jobs, just use the super simple tesa® Power.Kit technology that comes with each product to squeeze in extra storage and transform your family bathroom into an organised oasis! 

Reorganise by using Smooz Hooks inside your bathroom cabinets
  1. Add on accessories

When you’ve got a houseful, creating individual storage can help keep clutter at bay. Maximise space by using hanging containers for each family member to store their own items. Bath toys, cosmetics, body brushes and shaving kits will be safely housed thanks to the super-strong.

   2. Use the inside of cabinet doors

If out of sight, out of mind is your attitude when it comes to cupboards the easy-to-apply will give you so much extra storage by applying in just minutes to the inside of your wooden bathroom cabinets. With 12 different products in the range, there is a basket to fit even the smallest of cupboards to stop the crash of cleaning products every time you open the doors! 

If you’ve got a larger surface space, go the extra mile by incorporating tesa Powerstrips® Hooks to hang flannels, face towels or even cleaning cloths.

   3. Utilise higher spaces

If you’re battling against a small bathroom get creative and utilise the often forgotten space above the door by mounting a . Apply easily in minutes using the and - after 12 hours – it will store extra towels and baskets filled with items you don’t want the little ones to get their hands on. The super strong technology guarantees a secure hold until the day you decide to move it.

   4. Hooks for all the family

If the argument over wet towels on the floor is all too familiar, swap your towel bar for individual on the back of the bathroom door for each family member. With both sleek square and circle designs, there is a product to fit in with your existing accessories or personal style and you’ll know who the culprit is when there is a towel missing!


Maximise space by using hanging containers

Store your items where you want, for when you want them

Smooz hook brown wood heart

Be creative and use sides of cupboards or backs of doors

Stylish and functional

Check out the whole range of no-drill bathroom accessories, or if you need a helping hand applying them watch our step-by-step guide on how to use the tesa® Power.Kit.