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Put An End to Adhesive Tape Residue on the Supermarket Shelf

tesa® 65610 Removable – Our Removable Tape for Price Label Strips

26 Jan 2017

We have developed tesa® 65610, an innovative, removable double sided foam adhesive tape, especially for shelf edge strips. It finally makes the time-consuming, costly removal of adhesive tape residues on retail shelves a thing of the past.

tesa® 65610 Removable

tesa® 65610 Removable

tesa® 65610 Removable

There are over 100,000 supermarkets and discounters in Europe. Price label strips, up to 5000 meters per store, are a vital component in the design of the sales area. Double-sided foam tapes offer numerous advantages for attaching the strips to the shelves. For one thing, the initial and lasting adhesive strength ensures secure, long-lasting bonding. What’s more, thanks to the excellent conformability of the foam, the usual imperfections on the shelf and the price label strip are evened out, ensuring long-lasting adhesion. The foam backing also functions as an effective shock absorber, because impacts on the strips, for example from shopping trollies or when filling the shelves with stock, are an everyday occurrence. The elastic properties of the adhesive tape ensure that the price label strip remains securely bonded and does not move or become detached.

It Takes Time to Remove of Foam Residue Right?

When the foam adhesive tape is serving its purpose on the shelf, everything is fine. However, it is extremely time consuming for the staff in the supermarket when the strips have to be removed as a result of damage or a change in design specifications or a re-branding. This is the case for around 10 percent of strips each year. During removal, the foam tears and unsightly residue remains on the shelf. With conventional foam adhesive tapes, this means time-consuming removal, so that new tape can be securley positioned. The resulting costs can amount to several thousand pounds per supermarket, per year.

Time and Cost Savings Thanks to Our New Product Design

Our newly developed tesa® 65610 Removable brings an end to adhesive tape residue thanks to its unique product design. A special reinforcement film allows undesirable residue to be removed completely, quickly and easily. The noticeable results for supermarket operators are significant time and cost savings. And the shelf surfaces are also protected.

But there are also clear advantages for tesa B2B customers, such as manufacturers of plastic profiles: They benefit because they can now offer their customers a real innovation, which solves a frequent problem and fulfills a key customer requirement.

Strong when in use, easy to remove – tesa® 65610 Removable. The tape that saves money.