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Using our vast experience in the automotive industry, we use our history to support a better automotive future

22 Nov 2018

As electric vehicles (EV) become more affordable, analysts predict they will constitute almost a third of new-car sales by the end of the next decade. And this fundamental shift in a vehicle’s powertrain is just the beginning of the e-mobility revolution. In the not too distant future, autonomous vehicles (AV) and commercial fleets of EVs will become an integral part of our everyday life, as AVs powered by a complex mix of GPS, sensors, and cameras become capable of handling all driving conditions.

At the same time, the rapid pace of digitisation is shifting vehicle designers and engineers focus from hardware-driven components to “mobility-as-a-service.” As consumers’ evolving digital lifestyle expectations continue to grow, the future roadmap of digitisation in the automotive sector places the car at the center of a connected living solution.

We bring personal electronics experience to automotive

As a leading provider of technical adhesive solutions, we have decades of experience supporting both global automotive manufacturers as well as the world’s leading personal electronics brands. This makes us a reliable partner for innovative adhesive solutions in environmentally friendly electrification and automotive digitalisation. Our tapes are specially made to fulfill demanding automotive requirements, and we are constantly developing new adhesive tapes specifically for electrical and hybrid vehicles in close cooperation with the world’s leading OEMs and tiered suppliers.

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tesa Electronics

tesa Electronics

The electrical evolution in the automotive production

From the internal combustion engine to mild hybrid, full hybrid, and plug-in hybrid powertrains to the full electric car, this engaging video demonstrates clear advantages of our special self-adhesive tape solutions that meet all the demands for battery applications in the in e-mobility automotive industry.

tesa® Yesterday, Today and for Tomorrow

Based on our vast experience and our excellent adhesive technology, we are experts in adhesive tape solutions for automotive customers. Focusing on automotive trends like car individualisation, electric vehicles or low-VOC products we can offer you a variety of adhesive tapes for the automotive industry.

Our broad assortment of reliable, high-quality automotive tapes span a range of applications, including tamperproof labelling and cable mounting, powertrain applications, wire harnessing and electronics applications.