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tesapack Paper Standard - Eco-friendly paper packaging tape, 56% bio-based material - Effective and easy to recycle - Brown - 50 m x 50 mm

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Dimensions: 50m x 50mm

Main features

tesapack Paper Standard: This environmentally friendly paper adhesive tape is ideal for packaging and sealing light to medium-weight cardboard up to 10 kg
Extremely versatile: The parcel tape offers strong adhesion on smooth and rough surfaces and is suitable for manual or automatic packaging tape dispensers
Sustainable: tesa Paper Standard packing tape is made with paper from well-managed, FSC®- certified forests and other controlled sources and can be disposed together with the cardboard box
Durable paper for a secure seal: The adhesive tape is  humidity-resistant - at the same time, it can be torn off by hand and is easy to unroll
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tesapack Paper Standard tesa’s new, bio-based packing tape tesapack (R)Paper standard, is an eco-friendly adhesive solution for sealing light to medium-weight cardboard packaging up to 10kg. Packaging is secure and sustainable with the new Paper Standard. The adhesive tape is made from FSC-certified paper, coated with a natural rubber solvent adhesive on one side. When disposing of the box, there is no need to remove the paper tape from the cardboard box. This makes recycling a breeze. The time-consuming process of removing adhesive tape becomes a thing of the past. The high-performance packaging tape is temperature resistant, offering a reliable seal even when temperatures fluctuate. Not only that, but the natural rubber adhesive system also bonds well and creates a strong seal. Paper Standard can be torn off by hand and is easy to unroll.
When designing this paper tape, tesa was particularly concerned with manufacturing it from exemplary, managed FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. 56% of this packaging tape is made from bio-based materials, which significantly reduces the product’s CO2 footprint. Conserving our forests and delivering the results you expect from tesa. With tesapack Paper Standard, you get a strong adhesive solution while also protecting the environment.