Are you tired of boring glass vases for your flower arrangements? Great! You can turn them into a unique flower decoration. Their attractive secret: The smart interplay of matt and high-gloss surfaces. By the way: With their delicate pastel tones, the florist vases look great in the slate-blue environment!

Time frame: 15 minutes per vase + drying time approx. 1 hour

How we do it:

DIY Vases / Overview


Collect al items and let's start!

DIY Vases / Step 2


Prime the well-cleaned vases with the chalk colour. Repeat the procedure in several thin layers until the colour fully covers the glass. Allow the colour to dry for four days and then bake the vases in a non-preheated oven at 160 degrees for 30 minutes. Let them cool down inside the oven. Now the vases are dishwasher-safe.

DIY Vases / Step 3


Use tesa® 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive to mask off one part of the Vase.

DIY Vases / Step 4


Paint the masked-off part with the transparent gloss varnish.

Remove tape to reveal your creation


Allow the paint to dry and remove the masking tape.

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