tesa trendpapier 6 / Idee 6: Feder-Karte / Aufmacher

Valentine's card: Homemade with love and feathers

Forever & ever. A heart sometimes says more than a thousand words. Make the recipient of this homemade, feathered card feel like they're floating in the clouds on Valentine's Day

Difficulty Level Leisurely inspiration
Duration 30

We need:

Red cardboard: 24 x 12 cm Patterned paper: 8 x 8 cm Ruler Pencil Cutter Scissors Hole-punch Ribbon Red decorative feathers tesa® double-sided adhesive tape tesa® Easy Stick®

How to do it:

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 1: Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 2: Fold card in half

Fold red card in half and stick the patterned paper in the middle on the front.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 3: Stick on tesa® double-sided adhesive tape

Stick two strips of tesa® double-sided adhesive tape in a V shape to the lower half of the card and pull off the protective foil.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 4: Stick on feathers

Stick on two feathers in the shape of a heart.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 5: Punch holes in card

Punch a hole in the card at the bottom to the left and right of the ends of the feathers.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 6: Pull ribbons through

Pull the ribbon through from the back and tie a bow at the front.

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