Tin vases

Simple tin cans hide under the cheerful fabric patterns on the vases. They are quick and easy to make, so you might even make a few more for your friends ...

Difficulty Level Original & quick

We need:

Tin cans in different sizes Scissors Pencil, ruler Patterned fabrics tesafilm® Double Sided Tape

How we do it:

DIY Tin Vase Step 1: Overview
01Tin vases / Step 1

Bring all required items together and let's start!

DIY Tin Vase Step 2: Cut the fabrics
02Tin vases / Step 2

Cut the fabrics. Measure: circumference x height of the single tin cans. Apply one strip of tesafilm® double sided tape lengthwise on the can.

DIY Tin Vase Step 3: Remove protective film
03Tin vases / Step 3

Press firmly and remove the protective film.

DIY Tin Vase Step 4: Glue
04Tin vases / Step 4

Now place the fabric on one half of the tape.

DIY Tin Vase Step 5: Roll the fabric
05Tin vases / Step 5

Roll the fabric around the can and attach it on the second half of the tape. Press firmly.

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