Scary Spider Decoration Idea

Scary Spider Halloween Decoration

This is not for arachnophobes - but anyone who enjoys a bit of creepy crawly Halloween fun will love making this spider.

Difficulty Level Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20

We Need:

Enough for two spiders A balloon - Blown up White foam rubber Black, thick marker Light blue pipe cleaners Three rolls of tesa extra Power® ECO Repair, 5m x 38mm tesa® double-sided tape or tesa® Powerstrip Poster tesa® masking tape Craft knife

How We Do It:

Wrapped up.

Cover the blown-up balloon with approx. 10 layers of tesa extra Power® ECO Repair - make it flat and overlapping. This will give the balloon the stability it needs.

Cut out.

Carefully cut the balloon in half with the craft knife.

Paint and apply eyes.

Paint eyes on the foam rubber and cut them out. Attach with tesa® double-sided tape or a tesa® Powerstrip Poster to the half-balloon.

Apply spider legs.

Make legs out of pipe cleaners and attach them to the inside of the spider with tesa® masking tape.

It's not for arachnophobes - but anyone who enjoys a bit of creepy Halloween fun will love this spider so much!

Have fun with your home made creepy crawly spider decoration!

tesa products required for this project