That's my sandwich!

Sandwich Idea

Quick and super delicious sandwich idea for lunch. In order to know what's inside, they wear decorative sleeves bearing their name.

Difficulty Level Original & quick
Duration 5

What we need:

Sandwich paper patterned papers (black & white) white cardboard scissors pencil ruler black calligraphy pencil tesa Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo® tesafilm® crystal

How we do it:

Get everything together and get ready to start

Collect all itens and let's start!

Using tesafilm® and care, wrapp your sandwich

Wrap the sandwiches in the paper and close the packets with tesafilm®.

Add the patterned papers

Cut out sleeves from the black and white patterned papers: 6 cm x circumference of the packet plus 3 cm. Place the sleeves around the packets and fix them with tesafilm®.

Cut the cardboard to shape and size

Cut labels from the white cardboard: Trace 4 x 8.5 cm rectangles on the cardboard and cut them out.

Personalise your label

Write on the labels with the calligraphy pencil, and cut off the edges.

Glue the back of the label

Apply the tesa® Permanent glue on the backside of each label …

Stick into place

… and stick it on the center of the sleeve.

tesa products required for this project