Repairing a tent at the festival

Is something wrong with your tent at the festival? You can repair it easily with Gaffer tape. Click here for the tutorial for different types of damage.

Difficulty Level Original & quick

Repairing a Tent:

01Repairing a Tent Window I

If your tent window is torn, mosquitoes and friends have easy prey. 4 strips of Gaffer tape are enough to repair the tear.

02Repairing a Tent Window II

First tape 2 strips of Gaffer tape crosswise over the tear from inside...

03Repairing a Tent Window III

...then stick 2 strips of Gaffer tape over the other strips from the outside, and you’re done!

04Repairing a pole suspender I

If your pole suspender tears, your tent loses its stability.

05Repairing a pole suspender II

The solution: just take a piece of Gaffer tape as long as the tear and stick it over the tear.

06Repairing a pole suspender III

Wrap tape around it tight and you’re done!

07Repairing tent loops I

A torn loop makes it impossible to properly pitch the tent.

08Repairing tent loops II

Take a strip of Gaffer tape and lay it on top of the tear with the adhesive surface pointing downwards. Make sure the strip is slightly wider than the loop.

09Repairing tent loops III

Fold the protruding adhesive surfaces inwards...

10Repairing tent loops IV

...and now you can use the loop for hooks and other things.

11Repairing tent material I

If the fabric of your tent is damaged or one of your outer seams is torn, it can get pretty uncomfortable in your tent pretty quickly – especially if it is windy or storming. To fix broken tent material you will need a strong outdoor repairing tape

12Repairing tent material II

Cover the tear with a piece of Gaffer tape from the inside and outside, and you’re done!

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