Simple but stylish picnic hamper

Picnic Basket Idea

Once emptied and turned upside down, the picnic basket turns into a small table. You may comfortably eat from it, or use it as a small buffet.

Difficulty Level Original & quick
Duration 10

What we need:

Old fruit crate wax cloth scissor ruler tape measure pencil tesa® Double-sided tape Universal

How we do it:

Assemble the items and get started

Collect all items and let's start!

Measure the width of the crate

In order to determine the size of the wax cloth for this picnic basket idea, take following measures: For the width, measure the inner dimension of the crate side …

Measure the inside plus the height

… for the length, and pay attention..... place the tape measure at the bottom of the upper cross brace to guide the edge inwards and measure across the bottom to the lower outer end of the opposite upper brace. Cut the wax cloth according to these dimensions.

Remove the double sided tape backing

Place several pieces of tesa® double sided Universal tape on the inside of the box, to attach the wax cloth, and peel off the protective films.

Place the wax cloth

Stick the wax cloth to the lower border of an upper brace, fold the fabric inwards, press firmly; stretch it along the bottom and stick it to the outer side of the upper brace on the other side.

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