Create Your Own LED Wall Christmas Tree!

LED Wall Christmas Tree

Needleless and extremely low-maintenance: A Christmas tree that doesn't need decorations. Create the tree with LED fairy lights that are fixed to the wall with transparent hooks.

Difficulty Level Leisurely inspiration
Duration 15

We need:

10m LED fairy lights in white ruler transparent hooks

How it's done:

Overview of materials needed for LED wall christmas tree

We need: 10m LED fairy lights in white, ruler, Powerstrips® deco hooks small

Glue six hooks to the wall

Place six tesa Deco Hooks on the wall, following these instructions: For the tree top, fix a hook at 1.70 m height. Now continue with the hooks at the bottom line of the tree: Fix them upside down - This way, the string of lights can be tightened. Place the next hook vertically 1.50 m under the first hook. Now fix two hooks horizontally left and right in 23 cm distance. Peel-off a Powerstrip® from the sheet.

Firmly press the Powerstrip®

Firmly press the Powerstrip® at least five seconds on the cleaned and desired spot on the wall.

Place the hook on the Powerstrip®

Place the hook on the Powerstrip® right above the line and press firmly for at least five seconds. Do not press on the latch. Repeat the process for all hooks.

Tighten the string of lights around the hooks

At the end, tighten the string of lights around the hooks creating a shining tree.

Enjoy your LED wall Christmas tree!

Enjoy your illuminating Christmas tree!

tesa products required for this project