Glitter Reindeer Pictures

Glitter Reindeer Pictures

Rudolph the red-nose reindeer would certainly be delighted! Pictures from his family album are decorated with fine glitter - This deer decor looks beautifully festive and makes a real eye-catcher!


How it's done:


We need: white cardboard A4, templates antlers and reindeer head, white textured paper, scissors, small scissors, pencil, passe-partout picture frames A4, transparent tape, glitter deco pen in silver

tesa SE
Overview of materials needed for glitter reindeer pictures


Cut out the templates and transfer them to the cardboard using a pencil.

tesa SE
Transfer the reindeer onto the paper


Cut out the stencils with a small scissor.

tesa SE
Cut out the stencils


Trace the outlines using the glitter deco pen and allow to dry. Alternatively, you may print your own deer wall art and trace it with the glitter deco pen.

tesa SE
Trace the outlines using the glitter deco pen


Cut the structured paper to roughly fit the shape and glue it with transparent tape to the backside of your picture. Glue the picture behind the passe-partout and frame it.

tesa SE
Glue the picture behind the passe-partout


Enjoy your creative glitter reindeer pictures!

Decorate your sideboard with these self-made glitter reindeer pictures!


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