DIY Autumn Decoration

Flower Vase

This autumn season, we decorate vases with a striped pattern – creating beautiful autumn decorations. We simply spray masking tape with golden paint, and apply the strips in different designs on the flower vases. Its creped surface gives an interesting look, and it is perfect for curves or round shapes.

Difficulty Level Original & quick
Duration 10

We need:

Different linear gray vases cutter scissors ruler larger plastic underlay, for example: a simple table set spray paint gold tesa Easy Cover® Premium Film tesa® Masking tape for curves 25 m x 19 mm

How we do it:

DIY Autumn Decoration Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Autumn Decoration Step 1

Place the masking tape in long strips on the plastic underlay.

DIY Autumn Decoration Step 3

Cover your workspace with the Easy Cover® and spray the masking tape strips with the gold paint. After drying, cut the strips with the cutter and ruler to the desired width.

DIY Autumn Decoration Step 4

Remove the strips from the underlay.

DIY Autumn Decoration Step 5

Apply the strips in your desired design on the vases.

tesa products required for this project