DIY Glitter Garland

DIY Glitter Garland

The pearl garland is like a firework: Well, maybe it will not shine as dazzlingly, but it sparkles prettily, is environmentally friendly and much cheaper.

  • Mirror cardboard
  • Glitter cardboard
  • Metal bar, silver, Ø 6 mm, L 45 cm
  • Silver ribbons, here 5 x 120 cm + 1 x 80 cm,
  • Folding stic
  • Motif puncher "circles" in 2 different sizes
  • tesa Powerstrips® ceiling hooks
  • tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo®


How We Do It:

tesa SE
Overview of materials.


What We Need:

We need mirror cardboard, glitter cardboard, metal bar, silver, Ø 6 mm, L 45 cm, silver ribbons, here 5 x 120 cm + 1 x 80 cm, folding stick, motif puncher "circles" in 2 different sizes, tesa Powerstrips® ceiling hooks, and tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo®.

tesa SE
Punch circles from the cardboard.


Using the motif punchers, punch circles from the cardboard, per garland element 3 pieces in one size.

tesa SE
Fold circles in the middle.


Fold circles in the middle; glitter and mirror face on the inside.

tesa SE
Apply tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo®.


Apply tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo® on the outside of the circles.

tesa SE
Glue two circle halves together.


Now glue together two circle halves.

tesa SE
Glue on the third circle.


Position the silver ribbon in the middle, and glue on the third circle.

Final sparkling, glitter garland for your party.


Continue to create five individual garlands in the desired length, leaving about 5 cm of distance between the glittery pearls and freely alternate sizes and surfaces. At the end, attach the single garlands with the ribbons on the metal bar. Fix a ribbon on the left and right side of the bar. Following the instructions fix the tesa Powerstrips® ceiling hooks on the ceiling and place the finished garland in the hook.

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