DIY Party Horns

DIY Party Horns

10, 9, 8 … The countdown is on. Make sure you have your party horns ready at midnight, and make lots of noise. Even better if they look super stylish.

How We Do It:

tesa SE
Overview of materials.


What We Need:

We need mirror cardboard, glitter cardboard, glitter garland, party horn mouthpieces or buy toy party horns and remove the mouthpieces, template, scissors, pencil, tesa® double-sided adhesive tape, and tesa® All-Purpose Glue.

tesa SE
Cut templates.


Cut out the template and transfer it to the back sides of the cardboard.

tesa SE
Cut out shapes.


Cut out the shape of the cardboard.

tesa SE
Apply double-sided tape.


Apply tesa® double-sided adhesive tape on one long side and press firmly. Remove the protective film.

tesa SE
Roll up the horns.


Roll up the horn and stick it together. Press firmly.

tesa SE
Apply all-purpose glue.


Apply a few drops of tesa® All-Purpose Glue on the narrow end.

tesa SE
Insert mouthpiece.


Insert the mouthpiece.

tesa SE
Apply double-sided adhesive tape.


Apply a strip of  tesa® double-sided adhesive tape on the wide end and press on firmly.

tesa SE
Glue on the glitter garland.


Glue on the glitter garland all along the rim and cut.

Supprise your friends and family with your great and self-made party horns!


Suprise your friends and family with your great and self-made party horns!


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