DIY Lantern: Halloween by Cat Candlelight

DIY Lantern: Halloween by Cat Candlelight

Abracadabra, not 1 bad luck black cat but 3! Create your own spooky atmosphere and scare away your ghoulish visitors with these lanterns that you decorate yourself.



tesa SE
Overview of materials.


What We Need:

We need straight glass lanterns, cat patterns, black cardboard, ruler, pencil, craft knife and underlay for cutting, transparent paper, black mulberry paper (crafts store), tesa extra Power® Perfect black 19 mm, and tesafilm® Eco & Clear.

tesa SE
Make cat pattern.


Stick the cat pattern to the cardboard with tesafilm® Eco & Clear and cut out with the knife.

tesa SE
Cut mulberry paper to size.


Cut the mulberry paper to size in accordance with the dimensions of the lantern (height x circumference + 1 cm). Stick the cut-out cat to the middle of the lower edge of the mulberry paper with the tesa extra Power®

tesa SE
Firmly stick mulberry paper.


Now put the mulberry paper around the lantern and stick it firmly with tesafilm® Eco & Clear.

tesa SE
Cut transparent paper to size and stick firmly.


Cut the transparent paper to the dimensions of the mulberry paper and place over the decorative fabric around the lantern. Stick together on the back with tesafilm® Eco & Clear.

tesa SE
The lanterns you decorate yourself spread a genuine Halloween atmosphere and give spooky guests a huge fright.


Enjoy your home made spooky Halloween lanterns!


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