DIY Glitter Bats for Halloween

DIY Glitter Bats for Halloween

Like a Bat out of Hell! But don't worry, these little glitter vampires only fly on Halloween; they're made of cardboard, easy to make and they're quite harmless.

Level of difficulty : Original & quick


How We Do It:


What We Need:

We need sturdy paper for the stencil, bat template, black cardboard, black glitter, small black feathers, scissors, pencil or crayon, tesa® multi-purpose glue, tesa Powerstrips® Poster, and tesa® double-sided tape.

tesa SE
Overview of materials.


Cut a stencil from the sturdy paper according to the template. Trace the bat template onto black cardboard and cut it out.

tesa SE
Make the stencil.


Use the tesa® multi-purpose glue to trace along the inside lines of the bat.

tesa SE
Trace the lines.


Spread the glitter onto the wet glue. Blow away excess glitter and let the glue dry thoroughly.

tesa SE
Apply glitter.


Then fold the wings according to the dotted lines on the template.

tesa SE
Fold the wings.


Attach approx. 4 cm of tesa® double-sided tape or a Powerstrips® to the body, remove the film and attach two feathers. Use tesa Powerstrips® Poster to attach the bats to branches and/or to the wall.

tesa SE
Attach the feathers.


Have fun with your self-made glitter bats on Halloween!

Enjoy your DIY glitter bats!


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