Cardboard silhouettes

Cardboard silhouettes

These vases are truly extraordinary - and you can make them in a jiffy: Behind the cardboard dummies, there are glass bottles for the flowers.

How we do it:


Cardboard silhouettes / Step 1

Bring all required items together and let's start!

tesa SE
Bring all the items listed together - print out vase templates


Cardboard silhouettes / Step 2

Cut out the vases templates and transfer them on the cardboard using the pencil.

tesa SE
Transfer vases templates to the card


Cardboard silhouettes / Step 3

Cut out the vases.

tesa SE
Cut out the vases.


Cardboard silhouettes / Step 4

Trace the outlines with a little distance from the borders using a black marker or the tesa® Glitter Glue

tesa SE
Create the border with the marker


Cardboard silhouettes / Step 5

Apply a strip of tesafilm® double-sided tape on the glass bottles. Remove the protective film.

tesa SE
Apply tape to the glass bottles.


Cardboard silhouettes / Step 6

Stick the silhouettes on the glass bottles, making sure you cover them from top to bottom.

tesa SE
Position the cut outs


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