DIY Backgammon

DIY Backgammon Board

When we're outside, the smartphone stays in the bag, and we play backgammon - on a DIY backgammon board with hand-painted tokens.

How we do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

Collect all the items and lets get ready
DIY Backgammon / Step 1


Apply handicraft tape on one side around both wooden boards and peel off the protective films.

Apply the double sided tape
DIY Backgammon / Step 2


Smoothly glue on the wax cloths.

Place the wax cloth accordingly
DIY Backgammon / Step 3


Border the short sides of the boards with fabric tape. Simply place the boards in the center of a previously cut piece of fabric tape …

Create the border
DIY Backgammon / Step 4


… and smooth it down on both sides of the edges. Cut off the remaining tape on the left and right sides.

Create the border and trim edges
DIY Backgammon / Step 5


Now border one long side of each board, and insert a piece of satin ribbon in the center of the oil cloth side.

Add the satin ribbon
DIY Backgammon / Step 6


Cut a narrow strip from the fabric tape, place the satin ribbon on the outside of the border and fix it with the fabric tape.

Fix ribbon into place
DIY Backgammon / Step 7


Place the two wooden boards next to each other - along the non-bordered long sides, with the wooden side up - and apply a strip of fabric tape in the Center.

Join wooden boards with tesa® extra Power
DIY Backgammon / Step 8


Fold the board, and apply fabric tape in the center of the outer edge. Fold the exceeding tape over the sides.

Add tesa® extra Power to the outside
DIY Backgammon / Step 9


Cut 12 triangles - 3.5 cm wide and 15 cm high - from each of the patterned papers. Apply glue to the back side of each paper triangle …

Personalise the playing surface
DIY Backgammon / Step 10


… and alternately apply 6 pieces on both sides of each wooden board.

Add the cut out triangles
DIY Backgammon / Step 11


Mask off half of each wooden token with masking tape and color 15 tokens with white and 15 with black paint.

Mask and paint the counters
DIY Backgammon / Step 12


After drying, remove the masking tape.

Remove tape and get ready to play
DIY Backgammon / Step 13
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