Loadlock Rails being bonded with tesa ACXplus 7074 as an alternative to rivets

tesa® ACXplus takes the load off vehicle conversion

A company that was using mechanical fixings in the form of rivets and screws to attach loadlock rails to the van chassis and identified corrosion and leaks as potential problems - They asked tesa if we could provide a solution, here's what happened.

11 Jan 2018

tesa ACXplus 7074, has been successfully trialled by a major commercial vehicle converter in the East of England to improve the bonding process in a specific area of its manufacturing methods.



Load Lock Bars with tesa ACXplus 7074
Loadlock Rails being laminated with tesa ACXplus 7074 as an alternative to the use of time consuming and labour intensive rivets

Customer Issue

The use of rivets in securing the loadlock rails was labour-intensive, time-consuming and limited the rate of van production capacity due to the lengthy process times. On investigation, tesa established that the customer’s key requirement was to find an alternative and cost-effective method to replace the use of rivets and screws, speeding up the conversion time.


tesa® ACXplus 7074 provided a bonding solution that increased production efficiency, reducing the application time significantly, including cleaning of the wall and rail, applying the tesa® promotor, applying the tape and applying the rail. tesa’s Area Sales Manager, Arran Dickinson, commented “We are delighted with the results to date and will continue to look at other areas of the manufacturing process and support development.”