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A personal support team of adhesive experts for all your needs in flexo printing

28 Nov 2019

As a press operator we understand that you are striving to run your press at maximum capacity, with minimal downtime, while maintaining consistent and high quality print results. Having a reliable partner who understands your specific needs, has all the right adhesive products, and can give you technical support on site, is key to success.

We are the supplier that ticks all these boxes: specifically catering to your individual process needs, we have a dedicated team of over 100 sales experts worldwide to help you chose the optimal adhesive solutions from our comprehensive Flexo assortment and train your staff on how to use them. In our labs across the globe, 500 specialised R&D engineers transform your ideas and requirements into state-of-the-art adhesive solutions, working closely together with our production plants. We are happy to discuss your specific product or testing needs whenever required and continuously strive to shape a business relationship of trust and reliability.

When looking for the perfectly fitting adhesive solutions for all your needs in flexographic printing, we can offer you a comprehensive assortment to choose from. In addition to our extensive range of plate mounting tapes, we also take care of smooth production processes during flexo printing with our assortments of splicing tapes for film materials and a variety of other process tapes, speeding up changeovers, preventing machine stopages, and facilitating everyday tasks.


Print Study “Aligning Components for Best Print Quality” - Download here

In your daily pressroom life, the choice of available process components - such as printing plates, anilox, or plate mounting solutions - can be overwhelming. To help you choose the perfect combination, we have developed a Print Study “Aligning Components for Best Print Quality”. Download your free copy of the print study and contact us with any questions or to learn more about our print study results.
We will be glad to help you find the right combination of process components to increase process efficiency and to improve print quality.

The combination of our global presence, over 125 years of experience as a global supplier of adhesive solutions, our dedication to flexo printing, and our specialised assortment, makes us the best fit for your needs in flexo printing.
Contact your local tesa sales representative today or use the contact form below for more information on our products and a comprehensive process consultation by our team of flexo experts. Let us take care of potential process improvements around adhesive solutions, so you can focus on just one thing: printing.

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