Reliable splicing for film converting industries

Reliable splicing for film converting industries

tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black for fast and reliable splicing of heavy-gauge films.

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tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black – the fast and reliable splicing tape for heavy-gauge films
With the introduction of the EasySplice® technology for films, we set the standard for efficient splicing in flexible packaging printing.
Our new tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black once again offers the film processing industry a high-performance product for reliable and efficient flying splice processes that is second to none.
While tesa® 51910 EasySplice® FilmLine PLUS has made a name for itself as a problem solver for non-polar materials in general, we have developed tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black to handle the really “heavy stuff". The integrated splicing tape easily conquers the splicing challenges faced in packaging printing such as those posed by thick films, tubular bags, and sharp-edged substrates.

Robust quality – excellent adhesion
As with our proven tesa® 51910 EasySplice® FilmLine PLUS, this excellent performance is based on an innovative combination of patented synthetic rubber adhesive and customized carrier. For tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black, the carrier consists not of paper but of an extremely robust polyester material.
The flat surface promotes completely even coating with substantial application and particularly good bonding of adhesive and carrier. The advantage: exceptionally high tack beyond that of tesa® 51910 EasySplice® FilmLine PLUS that ensures very reliable bonding at high web tension. We have specially designed the splitting strip to be used with non-polar substrate surfaces, in order to ensure dependable closure before splicing, and a reliable opening afterwards
A further plus is the black colour of the splicing tape, which allows easy detection from both sides.


tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black Features:

  • Very high initial tack on heavy-gauge films and foils
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent shear strength
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Save time - easy way to prepare a splice

Save time
As the name implies, this is the easy and therefore fast way to prepare reels for a splice. Just one straight line – no extra tape, no additional butterflies necessary.

Be quick - splicing at full machine speed

Be quick
Run even difficult-to-splice substrates at full machine speed! The secret lies in the formulation – our patented FilmLine contact adhesive meets the highest requirements.

Reduce waste - higher splice performance

Reduce waste
Higher splice performance means less waste! All tesa EasySplice® products come with a specially designed splitting strip, which ensures safe closure of the new reel during acceleration and precise opening of the new reel after contact – again and again.


The tesa® 51918 carrier consists of a robust, black polyester material
tesa® 51918 in proven tesa® 51910 EasySplice® design