tesa student hacks: What type of university student are you?

University is a new exciting chapter for anyone! At the start of term motivation and productivity is at a high but, living independently for the first time without mum or dad to help – or nag – can mean we let a few things slip.

30 Oct 2019

The good news, getting organised for a whole year of studying and socialising doesn’t have to be hard work with tesa adhesive solutions! Whatever type of university student you are we’re here to help fix those pesky habits you might have picked up with simple solutions that won’t damage surfaces in your room either! 

tesa TACK Coloured Pads pink and blue
tesa TACK Coloured Pads pink and blue

To the wire with assignments? Become the ultimate study buddy!

If 2hrs to go and too many words still too write is becoming all too familiar, it’s time to get serious about studying! Creating an inviting and tidy study zone with no mess or damage is super simple with our tesa TACK® products, a smart alternative to pins and magnets. Clear your mind - and desk - by sticking up to-do lists and revision notes with tesa TACK® adhesive putty to encourage you to work efficiently and meet all those looming deadlines. 

Make sure you add some personal touches to inspire and boost your mood too. Motivational postcard quotes and photos of fun times will encourage you to work smarter so you can get back to socialising sooner! 

Hang your keys where you wont forget them

Always 5 minutes late because you can’t find your keys

Making that 9am lecture is never easy, especially when your keys have gone walk about- again! Time to make that morning routine oh so simple with the tesa Powerstrips Hooks Small Rectangular. Thanks to the Powerstrips® technology they are removable without trace so you can attach to the back of your bedroom door and hang up your keys every time you come in. Coming in a multipack, you’ll never be late for that lecture again and have keys and student lanyard to hand! 

Make the most of space inside cupboards or walls above desks

Floordrobe over wardrobe?

Mess just equals more stress, so streamline your space with some simple storage solutions. Maximise the space in cupboards and wardrobes by sticking tesa Powerstrips® removable adhesive hooks on the inside of doors for extra space for everything from wires and headphones to bags and coats.

Keep your bathroom tidy too with the tesa no-drill, adhesive bathroom accessories that come with no mess or holes to annoy your landlord! The Smooz Bathroom Hook is ideal for keeping the floor free from towels and robes and is removable without a trace when used on the recommendable surfaces. Plus, once removed they can be remounted in a few simple steps with a replacement tesa® Power.Kit adaptor!

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