Decorate your university room without losing your deposit!

23 Aug 2019

Headed to university this September? If you’re moving into student halls or privately rented accommodation, you’re probably looking for ways to jazz up the boring, blank walls you’ll be spending a lot of time over the next year studying (aka sleeping) in.

Thanks to tesa and the wide range of removable, adhesive solutions, making your Uni digs feel like a home from home is super simple and doesn’t require dad’s drills, result!

Keep your pens, chargers, passes and tickets close to hand

1. Your space, your style

Decorating your Uni room is your chance to show your new roomies your personality, but with a whole list of don’ts … don’t use tacks, don’t use nails, don’t rearrange the furniture… how can you do this?

Create an oh so stylish photo wall by using the tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO Hooks to hang photos off of a string hung between the two hooks. Perfect to add on all those new memories you’re going to make and not to forget the fact that they can be removed easily without leaving traces. They’re also great for hanging fairy lights that’ll make your room the cosy, film night hang out spot! 

Aluxx 40211 application product with model DIY
Organise your Bathroom like Marie Kondo

2. Organise your bathroom

Finally, freedom awaits, but there will be no more mum or dad around to tidy and clean your bathroom! If you’re sharing with other flatmates, then keeping your toiletries and towels organised with the tesa no-drill, adhesive bathroom accessories will mean no mix ups, or the disappearance of your favourite shampoo.

Keep your shower a trip-free zone with the Aluxx Shower Caddy that gives an outstandingly strong and reliable adhesive hold, yet can be removed without causing damage to surfaces. Perfect for storing everyone’s lotions and potions sperate unlike the suction comparison which are known for falling down once products are piled in.

Best thing yet, when you move into your accommodation next year all you need is a replacement tesa® Power.Kit adaptor to remount! 

Powerstrips Hook Rack, LI406
tesa Powerstrip Hook Rack

3. Put everything in its place

Keeping organised and tidy will mean less time spent cleaning up and more time socialising! So, give everything it’s place by using additional hooks and storage solutions that most rooms won’t have. Adding tesa® Powerstrip hooks throughout your room will help create extra storage without adding extra damage. Coming in a range of shapes, sizes and colours there’s a hook for all uses:

  • tesa® Powerstrip hook rack:  Great for hanging inside of wardrobes to house extra bags and accessories that would otherwise be shoved in the bottom or under your bed.
  • tesa Powerstrips® Transparent Hooks: No risk of loosing your keys when you pop one of these adhesive hooks by the door. Hanging your keys up every time will save you hours searching – trust us!


Take a look at our full range of tesa removable, adhesive hooks, strips and nails that give you the freedom to get creative in your university accommodation without losing your deposit!