4 Mar 2019

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High Quality Chrome Finish Compliments Most Bathroom Styles

Imagine…You’ve been waiting months for your dream bathroom renovations to be completed and careful consideration has gone into picking the perfect colour scheme, tiles and fixtures. Now it’s time to mount your bathroom accessories to the wall, but what will happen to your new tiles when you drill into them? What if one gets damaged or worse, cracks?

The time of ugly drill holes and damaged tiles is over thanks to tesa’s range of no-drill bathroom accessories that don’t require drilling holes or using screws! The one-of-a-kind adhesive offers a strong, reliable hold, easy and quick mounting experience. Plus, it has a residual free removal on a variety of surfaces including tiles, glass, wood, metal, marble and a variety of plastics – perfect for use in your new bathroom!

tesa Bath - Aluxx wide shower storage basket, chromed, self-adhesive - productvideo, languageneutral

tesa Aluxx Bathroom Shower Caddy Organiser

tesa Aluxx Bathroom Shower Caddy Organiser

Reliably Removable

The waterproof, removable adhesive tesa® Power.Kit is ideal if you’re an indecisive decorator who might want to move the accessories once you’ve started using your new bathroom space. In just a few quick and easy steps, using a replacement tesa® Power.Kit Adaptor you can move your bathroom accessory to a new location- making tesa bathroom accessories a longer-term solution. You won’t be frustrated that you spent hours attaching them initially nor will you need to spend extra time filling in holes and replacing tiles thanks to the innovative and convenient residue free removal.

You can have the luxury spa-bathroom you’ve been dreaming of by incorporating some of tesa’s new no-drill accessories into your bathroom space. The extensive 61 product range has both square and round designs to suit your bathroom style and personal preference. 

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