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Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas with tesa

The colder weather can mean only one thing… Christmas is fast approaching

13 Nov 2019

The colder weather can mean only one thing… Christmas is fast approaching. This means filling your home with endless festive decorations and gifts for friends and family to wrap. It might be one of the most wonderful times of the year, but it is also one of the most wasteful. As we go through all that

paper, tape, glue and plastic, in the UK alone we create 30% more waste than usual during the festive season. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! 

The nation is becoming more aware of the environment by recycling and reducing plastic use and now, thanks to the tesa ecoLogo® range, we can look forward to a more eco-friendly Christmas. Featuring packaging and crafting solutions, there’s enough to get the whole family to go green this year.

tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo, 25g
tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo, 25g

Have a guilt-free crafty Christmas

Whether you have kids who want to get a bit creative, or you’re a fan of homemade festive decorations, we’ve got you covered. Christmas crafts can be harmful to the environment - with bleached papers, sticky tapes and glue sticks filled with solvents, not to mention all the plastic packaging around stationery. The tesa ecoLogo® range is full of eco-friendly adhesive products that will save your household from a guilty conscience this Christmas.

You can glue to your heart's content with our tesa® Easy Stick. This triangular glue stick is not only packaged in recycled plastic but is a 100% solvent-free adhesive, making it extra safe for the environment and the user. And, if your wondering about this unusual shape, glueing tricky corners and thin lines have never been easier – trust us.

For even more precise glueing, try our tesa® Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo® disposable and our tesa® Glue Stamp, or for those more advanced crafts try the much stronger Multi-Purpose Glue

tesafilm ecoLogo® Mini Dispenser
tesafilm ecoLogo® Mini Dispenser

Wrap presents & write cards the eco way

How many mistakes do you make on Christmas cards each year? Don’t be ashamed, there’s so many to send out it’s inevitable. Rather than messy scribbles or starting again on an entirely new card, simply cover the problem with tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® - a simple product that allows to you to re-do those little mistakes.

Now for the most arduous of the Christmas tasks – wrapping everyone's presents. We can’t force you to switch to paper wrapping paper, but we can provide you with a basic, simple sticky tape that is a little kinder to the environment. tesafilm® Mini Dispenser ecoLogo® is a small tape dispenser - perfect for handheld tasks -  made from 100% recycled plastic and comes with two eco-friendly tape rolls to fit. The best part? It’s refillable. You don’t need to go buying a whole new dispenser here, you can simply purchase our tesafilm® eco & clear pack of solvent-free, recycled refill tapes. This product is great for the time of year – it might be mini but with all the tape we go through at Christmas, the refillable quality is perfect.

tesapack paper ecoLogo 50m : 50mm
tesapack paper ecoLogo 50m : 50mm

Ship off your festive gifts with a clear conscience

We can’t always hand over gifts in person, which means shipping them off to distant friends and relatives. The ecoLogo® range of packaging tapes introduces environmental friendliness to the adhesive world, without compromising on the typical high quality of tesa® products.

Manufactured from recycled resources, featuring a paper label, recycled cardboard core and a water-based, solvent-free adhesive – these packaging tapes can be used easily and offer strong adhesive power. If you want your packaging to be secure, clean and friendly to the environment, you should get familiar with all the advantages of our tesa ecoLogo® adhesive tapes including tesapack® eco & strong and tesapack® paper ecoLogo®.