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Chris Ashmore Leaves His Mark On tesa UK

On the 23rd and 24th of July, the talented Chris Ashmore visited the tesa® UK office in Milton Keynes

1 Aug 2018

Renound for his creative murals seen by over 50,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, Chris Ashmore, the talented genius behind Creative Murals and Portraits, vistited the tesa UK office in Milton Keynes to add a splash of colour to our reception area.

From Sheffield, Chris specialises in room sized murals of the likes of Super Mario, sports themes and to specialist UV glow in the dark interior artwork - the only limit is your imagination. What sets Chris apart from other interior decorators or designers is that Chris paints them all by hand, videos his work, and posts the time lapse video on to his various social media channels.

Why Chris, Why tesa?

The collaboration came about purely by chance, Chris reached out to tesa® to help him with some sample rolls of our tesa® 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive and tesa® 4334 Precision Mask as he was looking for alternatives to his current products that he felt were not giving him the defined lines and the reliability upon removal that he was looking for. Of course tesa® were happy to help and sent some rolls to him. After a few weeks we received an email from Chris to say that the tape is just what he was looking for and he would recommend these products to everyone he knew - he also posted this on his Social Media channels. 

Impressed by his work, tesa® made the offer to sponsor Chris, in the way that we would supply him with masking tapes when he required them, this offer was greatfully accepted by Chris and in return, he offered to come and do 'something' in our office. After long deliberations, tesa® asked Chris if he could decorate our plain white reception area with the history of tesa® logos.

As you can see below Chris was more than capable of rising to the challenge and has left his very talented mark on tesa UK.

You can see more examples of Chris' work here: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

tesa® logo c.1977
Removal of tesa® 4334 Precision Mask
The finished article
Welcome to tesa®