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No-Drill Bathroom Accessories to Customise Your Rented Home

8 Feb 2019

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Removing the tesa Bathroom Accessory is easy and doesn't leave holes behind

If you rent your home, you’ll be familiar with the obstacles your tenancy agreement create when it comes to improving your bathroom.

The majority of tenancy rules prohibit you from making holes in your bathroom tiles which can restrict your ability to add important features like shelves and storage units to make it feel like home. This can leave your bathroom feeling unfinished and cluttered rather than an organised space to get ready in.

A survey carried out by Nationwide revealed 35% of tenants asked had lost some or all of their deposit when moving out of their rented home. According to the Property Reporter, damage is among the top reasons tenants don’t get their full money back, accounting for 39% of lost deposits.  

Timeless and tasteful design for your bathroom.
Style your bathroom how you would like - not how you are allowed to

Spruce up your bathroom with some of these practical adhesive bathroom accessories

There is a solution to prevent losing your deposit! You can now add those all-important practical accessories to your bathroom - without having to patch up holes and paintwork - thanks to our new no-drill bathroom product range. The one-of-a-kind patented adhesive technology tesa® Power.Kit, used in our new bathroom accessory range, has a strong, reliable hold and is easy to dismount - so you can be sure there will be no marks left on your tiles when you hand your property back. Once removed the products can be remounted elsewhere with a replacement tesa® Power.Kit Adaptor. Our bathroom accessory range is the ultimate solution if you rent and don’t want to worry about your deposit.

The innovative tesa® Power.Kit technology provides an alternative to using srews and damaging tiles - so you can add your own style without having to pick up a drill or being concerned about making holes in your walls. The removable and waterproof glue originates from the automotive and aviation industry and provides a revolutionary strong hold. The adhesive has a quick drying time of 12-hours and has a residue-free removal, making it a reliable and easy to use solution.

Use the space below your bathroom mirrors by mounting an elegant frosted glass shelf to the wall.

Be organised with a stylish Glass Shelf

Organize your bathroom beautifully by adding stylish accessories that give your everyday supplies the place they're meant to be.

Clear clutter by mounting your soap on the wall

Sort your everyday bathroom supplies within reach and in style.

Make shower time happy time with all your toiletries in one place

The best way to store your towels and let them dry. Your bathroom isn’t complete without a matching towel bar.

Don't throw in the towel - mounting towel rails is easy